2019 Events

During 2019 we will participate in the following events:

PIDapalooza; Dublin, Ireland; 22-24 January; Presentation by Jim Swainston (The Metadata Marching Band)

2018 Events

We are delighted to participate in the following events in 2018:

APE 2018 - Academic Publishing in Europe Berlin, Germany; 16-17 January Presentation by Eva Mendez; Slides

PIDapalooza; Spain; 23-24 January; Presentation and discussion session hosted by Ginny Hendricks, John Chodacki, and Christopher Erdmann; Slides

Researcher to Reader; London; 26 - 27 February; Workshop hosted by Ginny Hendricks and Ross Mounce

2018 CSE Annual Meeting; New Orleans, LA; 5 - 9 May; Panel participation by Patricia Feeney

2018 Annual Meeting - Association of University Presses; San Francisco; 17 - 19 June; Panel participation by Carly Strasser

Medical Library Association Annual Meeting; Atlanta, GA; 18 - 23 May; Open meeting hosted by T. Scott Plutchak

9th Annual VIVO Conference; Durham, NC; 6 - 8 June; Panel hosted by Chris Erdmann; Slides

NASIG 33rd Annual Conference; Atlanta, GA; 8 - 11 June; Presentation by Juliane Schneider

PSP Books Committee Meeting; New York, NY; 15 June; Presentation by Jennifer Kemp

Workshop on Open Citations; Bologna, Italy; 3 - 5 September; Keynote by Ginny Hendricks

CIG Conference 2018; Edinburgh, Scotland; 5 - 7 September; Presentation by Rachael Lamney

DCMI 2018 - Dublin Core Metadata Initiative; Porto, Portugal; 5 - 7 September; Presentation by Patricia Feeney

SSP NY Regional meeting; New York, NY; 13 September; Presentations by Paul Dlug, David Schott, and Jabin White

FORCE2018; Montreal, Canada; 10 October; Pre-conference workshop led by Ted Habermann

SciDataCon-IDW 2018; Gaborone, Botswana, 5 - 8 November; Presentation by Juliane Schneider and John Chodacki

Charleston Library Conference 2018; Charleston, NC; 5 - 9 November; Panel with Anthony Watkinson, Chris Erdmann, T. Scott Plutchak and Howard Ratner; Slides

13th Annual Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing; Tromsø, Norway; 28 - 29 November; Poster by Rachael Lammey, Dom Mitchell, and Fiona Counsell; Poster abstract

Please email if you’d like to see Metadata 2020 on your event’s agenda.