Metadata and Communication

Writing a blog post ‘about metadata’ is like calling a paramecium ‘a hungry slipper with fringe’ - you’re bound to miss out on a lot of detail. Metadata is the thing I got my library degree for, mostly because I think metadata is fascinating, but also because I loathed the reference desk and wanted regular hours. However, as my career went on (and on), I found the issues around metadata to be increasing as the supposed ease of discovery through electronic means became more universal.

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A new collaboration for richer, connected, and reusable metadata; welcome to Metadata 2020

I’ve been thinking and talking about Metadata 2020 for well over a year now, and we’ve run lots of workshops and met several times with a team of advisors, so this is a bit of a weird post to write. (And a bit nerve-wracking now we’re making it official - there’s even a news release about the launch!) But here we are with three or four events under our belts and more planned, numerous interviews giving clear insights, dozens of supporters with plans for thousands, and some very ambitious goals:

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News Release: A New Metadata Collaboration is Launched

Metadata is the engine that drives the discovery, use, and the reuse of research information A group of people from all over the world have joined forces to form Metadata 2020, with the goal of rallying and supporting the community around the critical issue of sharing richer metadata for research communications. Metadata 2020 is a collaboration that advocates for richer, connected, and reusable metadata for all research outputs. Why?

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