Hindawi's Approach to Metadata

Summary The following article discusses and examines Hindawi’s approach to metadata, and the opportunities and challenges we and other publishers face. Published content By the time an article is published in final format, it consists of a typeset PDF and a HTML display both based on XML and an e-pub. All our content is open access and anyone is able to download the PDF, the XML and/or e-pub. Hindawi adheres to JATS DTD and has done so since 2012, and we retrospectively updated XML of all our published content since 2008.

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KBART at Oxford University Press

The KBART format (Knowledge Bases and Related Tools) was developed by a NISO Working Group as a way to standardize the title level information content providers send to discovery services to facilitate customer access. This standard, developed by library, content provider, and discovery service industry stakeholders, creates efficiencies across the supply chain, and creating KBART files for title based projects has been an exceptionally helpful investment for Oxford University Press.

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JSTOR's Metadata Story

I’ve worked in the content side of scholarly publishing for 25 years, and I cannot count the number of times I’ve been asked or overheard the question, “what is metadata exactly?” I always have a pretty visceral negative reaction to the description of metadata as “data about data.” Not because the definition is wrong (it isn’t), but because it is just not helpful. You’re always left with the follow-up thought, “OK, so what does that mean?

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